0411 pcm pinout

Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: pcm wiring?? August 18th, 1. My intentions are to flash my pcm for the Express van with the 5.

411 PCM Swap 1996-1999 L31 Vortec

I have a subscription to AllData so obtaining wiring diagrams is no problem, but am i able to rearrange the wiring of the computer to match the 5. As long as the wiring at the pcm matches, then the truck should be correct, right? Any help would be great!!

0411 pcm pinout

August 18th, 2. So are you saying that you are currently running the PCM with a 4. If so, just add the two extra wires from the PCM to the V8 style injector connector and you will be ready to go. If you are using another PCM, you should follow the wiring differences from the current configuration of the 4. Good luck, AL. August 18th, 3. I am using the current 4.

There are about 9 differences in pinout points between the two pcms. Do i re-wire the pcm to match the express van? Basicall there are injector pinouts on the 5. August 18th, 4. What year and type of vehicle are you working with?

August 18th, 5. Current vehicle is a S10 4. August 18th, 6. From what I can see, there isn't too many hurdles. The Express didn't come with 4WD, so that could be an issue if you are.Remember Me?

What's New? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Same exact truck, year, transmission, engine, rear end, everything, except it is electric 4wd, and yes I will be running 4wd. Thanks to anyone that helps in advanced. I don't have the 2WD conversion pinout sheet I have 4WDso not sure if any pinout differences except the obvious addition of 4WD wires.

The units themselves are the same for 4WD and 2WD, just a few pinouts are different. Also, you'll need to flash a whole new Express van L31 base tune for 4WD on your existing There are two different base tunes for 4WD, one is for the 4L60e and the other is for the 4L80e. LexTech is the man when it comes to swaps into GM trucks, you can get ahold of him on gmtruckcentral. Yeah I talked to him a couple of times, and he gave me the pinout for the 2wd, I'll get with him for the 4wd pinout.

But he uses EFI Live He don't have hp tuners. Hutchinson, since you have the 4wd, can you send me your base tune? Would really appreciate it. Smanuelbank gmail. Thank you guys. Originally Posted by DiceDaLova. DiceDaLova, I would send it bud, but, not really sure how to do it, I'm new to tuning and just now learning. Willing to learn though???

But, I do know if you go to gmtruckcentral. I have not tried to download those, LexTech did my base tune download for me to suit what I have HTe, upgraded tranny, etc. Sorry for the newbyness man, I would send no problem, if I knew how. I can tell you how to do it, have you read your truck with hp tuners yet? If so it automatically downloads your tune, and you saved it.

Just go to that file and email it. All times are GMT The time now is PM.I have tried to list all possible wires that will show up If I show a wire, and your harness does not have it, you probably don't need it anyway. For more info about the o2 sensor differences click here. Note: Removing all of these will result in a non-emissions friendly harness. If requirements are for 4 oxygen sensors, EVAP system, then you will not want to remove those components.

I have been asked to identify the wires for electronic auto trans controls that can be removed if you are not going to use electronic automatic transmission. Here they are, the Pin will be highlighted in RED. If removing trans, pay attention to BLUE connector pin Some harnesses are different based on type of o2 sensors you have.

Some this pin goes to trans only, some harnesses, there is a splice, and this pin goes to coolant temp sensor AND transmission. Click Here! Truck 5. Wire Color.

Circuit No. PCM Ground. LT GRN. Injector 3 Control. Injector 2 Control. Not Used. LT BLU. Knock Sensor Signal Rear. Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal. Requested Torque Signal NW7. DK BLU.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of May 2nd, 1. Hey guys, I just got the deal of the century for me anyway and the only problem is it is a Vortec Suburban.

I have been trying to search around for anyone who has converted to a or otherwise and I seem to be batting zero at this point. She will not be hot-rodded Thanks all! May 2nd, 2. The swap to the PCM is not that friendly. I would opt for the PCM in a heartbeat. Use the 02 operating system for the most capability. May 2nd, 3.

411 & Supertunes

May 2nd, 4. May 2nd, 5. I think you would be better off and happier with the PCM swap. It can be done by a first timer in about 4 hrs.

I can also send you a tune to get you started. Best Time on 5 passes May 3rd, 6.

0411 pcm pinout

Thank you gentlemen!!!! Lextech I sent you an email. I also asked you about the wiring for a '98 to Thanks again guys! May 3rd, 7. Re; Reference Materials: Main thread is very long, but excellent reading. Known differences and some problems are noted below. Great swap, but just be fully aware. Everyone who has done this is very happy with the end result May 3rd, 8. Originally Posted by 97KWD. Reference Materials: Main thread is very long, but excellent reading.Got the truck running with the PCM.

0411 pcm pinout

This swap is a piece of cake! Got it wired up-reached thru the window-hit the key and it started Instantly! I have a P code, Crank Variation, so I need to do a relearn. The gas gauge did not work at first. The fuel level sensor uses a common ground splice with most of the other engine sensors. So, I cut the fuel sensor ground at the main splice and connected it to it's proper pin at the PCM--it works as do all of the gauges except speedoI'll explain I still need to wire the speedo. The 98 has 2 green wires and 1 white wire that go into the truck for speed input, but the only has 2 speed sensor outputs.

I am thinking that I can just tie these 2 greens together and put them to 1 of PCM outputs. Now I can rev to whatever I want to or that the engine can stand and will be able to compensate for boost. I am going to send the to Wait4Me Performance to have them load the new operating system and start me off with a base file. Also, I have been spending a little too much money on this project latelyI need to cool it for a while. Last edited by Lextech on Sat Apr 14, pm; edited 3 times in total.

GOt any pictures of the setup? Yes I have some pics, but I am not too computer savvy and can't figure how to post them here. PM me your e-mail address if you want and I can send them that way. I will post them here if you send them to me at pswired at pswired dot com.

LA, CA. So are you using a computer for a Camaro 5. I'll post these for Jeff for now, hope he doesn't mind Who built the headers?

MaxSS You can post anything of mine you want--seeing as I can't figure it out. Stealth--Everything on the truck is homemade by me. By the way, the Express Van uses the same emission equipment as the GMT Vortec trucks: so you can leave all of the stock emission stuff intact and operational. The GMT Vortec trucks have a few emission parts that are different. Last edited by Lextech on Sun Nov 19, pm; edited 1 time in total.

It is possible to do this swap without it, but it sure makes things much easier. Thank you-MAX! Max, I am going to E-mail some more pics later on today, for you to post please. I don't have the wiring neatened up yet. The PCM is found in the fullsize vans as well as the 5. Just so everyone knows, the PCM can be tuned using the same Tunercat def. Dual spark tables is one advantage of these newer PCM's, as well as the opening up tuning software that can be utilized.

Hey Lextech, I was wondering if you ever stuck a tape measure into a Ramjet intake, intake runner at all?? I was wondering what the itake runner length was?? The cross ram marine intake's intake runner length is 8".

No problem, it's always better to have a collaborative effort so we can double check things.This page contains the ecm connector identification and the terminal pin id's. NOTE: The charts below need to be used with a digital voltmeter to help save time in troubleshooting.

Voltages listed may be different due to battery condition and alternator charging rates. Notes: a voltage varies from. Notes: a 12V first 2 seconds with ign. Notes: a varies b 12V for 2 seconds with ign.

Notes: a varies with manifold pressure b varies with temperature. Note: The last terminal 's should be 22 not 21, read each row from left to right. Connector A is yellow or grey or black. Connector B is red or white. This will show you how to replace broken pins on the ecms except for the ecm. If you have access to a pin removal tool this will make it easier to swap the pins. This is a practiced art to depress the holding tab to remove the pin, so practice on a junk connector before you attempt to remove the pins on your harness.

The tool shown above is manufactured by Lisle. The part number is This tool is specially made to remove the terminals easily without damage. Also has a diagnostic ALDL test, small straight-slot screwdriver. This end is used for removing the terminals on the ecms.

It will fit the male and female sides. The terminal pin release slots are the outer slots. Note: Release slots need to be on the left-hand side so release tool will be in proper orientation. Tug on wire in back to see if it comes out, if not, repeat process until tab is released. This picture illustrates what is happening inside the connector. After removal and before installing into new or existing slot, bend the locking tab on the terminal slightly upward so it will lock into place.

After installation, be sure to reinstall pin locking latch. Pin ID. Drk Blue.I also recently turned on the torque converter clutch to activate in overdrive. Everything is working perfectly and shifts just like it should. As the subject says. This is for those guys who are running MegaSquirt, carb or something other than a factory computer for their engines. I Dale Follett can write up how to make it work on a 4L60e too if theirs enough interest into it.

This could easily be done by swapping around the entire engine computer and harness back to a factory style PCM, BUT my car is wired up with MegaSquirt 2 and I like its features. Does not matter if it was a 4L60E or 4L80E BUT having a computer that ran your transmission from the factory from the junkyard is easier. All your normal wiring crap. Soldering Iron, wire strippers, electrical tape or if you want to be fancy heat shrink, wire, etc.

The rest of the PCM's inputs come from the transmission itself. Biggest thing here is PCM selection. Example, my firebird setup is running a 4. If your running a older style small block chevy you would need a PCM out of a chevy express van and setup the engine for the same crankshaft position sensor and wheel to get the correct RPM input into the PCM.

The next thing is TPS. For those of you who are looking into doing this for your carburated setups, you'll need to fabricate a mount onto your carb for a TPS sensor. Now on how to wire it in. Their are no pre-made wiring harness' for this so you will have to make your own harness. I go by pinout count and connector pin counts to do my wiring harness' because the wiring colors may be different from make and model vehicle your swapping parts around.

The Blue connector is referred to as C1 and the Red connector is referred to as C2. If you want a "Check Transmission Light" or more commonly known as a check engine light for your transmission. This could be wired to the ground side of a small light bulb to notify you the PCM has a code in it for something wrong with transmission function. This needs relayed to work correctly.

C1 Blue Connector Pin 33 needs 12vdc key on power until you press on the brake pedal, which then it needs no power or ground applied to that computer pin to let the computer know it needs to release the torque converter clutch. A bosch single pole double throw relay would work great for this.

Ground 85, Wire pin 86 to your 12vdc from your brake switch to your brake light wire. Apply key on 12vdc power to pin 30, then wire C1 Blue Connector Pin 33 to 87a.

4L80E Cheap stand alone trans controller using 0411 GM engine PCM

Your torque converter clutch should release now with the brakes applied. Because the Transmission connector isnt as clearly marked as the PCM connectors are, heres a diagram. It is a nice safety feature, but not required. The tune file in the PCM must be setup for the engine or crankshaft position sensor wheel currently equipped on the engine in order for it to get a proper RPM signal input. If you run it just as is from a junkyard, It will A: go into anti-theft mode because VATS is still enabled, B: go into transmission limp mode and C: possibly not work at all depending what application you pulled your computer out of.


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