Discord roleplay ideas

Servers Reviews. Discord Servers Roleplay Discord servers tagged with Roleplay. Tags similar to Roleplay rp fantasy anime community nsfw fun erp magic gaming furry medieval warrior-cats Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Marvel Roleplay. Other 8. Get link Mute this server Report this server. We are a small community at the moment, looking for people to play many roles. If we don't mention a character that you would like to play, just ask.

Join this Server. Fairy Tail Phoenix Rising. A new server created by a couple of friends looking for an active, and fun server. We are a story-driven server, not heavy on stats.

We found that tying people down with numbers and drain the fun out of encounters. Yes, there's a power system, but this is a roleplay-focused server. If you want your own storyline, that is your choice! We encourage you to join our server and become an active member. This is a non-canon server, so you can jump in, even if you aren't too versed in the anime! We come with new ideas and custom ideas. We welcome suggestions, too. We have at least two hard-working partnership mangers who can get to you in no time at all.

We do our best to make sure nobody is unfairly overpowered, and try to keep the toxicity to a minimum. Something most fairy tail servers fail to come with is missions, an essential part of Fairy Tail. This allows you to get stronger, create teams and grab a whole new roleplay experience with great spacers.

Our missions may tie into the larger server story, which you can help build!

discord roleplay ideas

The Empire of Dullantine. Simulation Games You wipe the dust off the book cover, and begin reading through the pages, as an autumn breeze flows through your hair The Empire of Dullantine -A medieval fantasy roleplay community.

You shut the book closed, as it begins to seem more like an advertisement instead of the novel you expected. Being curious about the Empire, you guiltilly re-open the book, and start reading again.

We look forward in seeing you in the land beyond the trench. Wir bieten: -Ein freundliches und aufgeschlossenes Server-Team, hier sind alle Willkommen und Humor kommt auch nicht zu kurz! Underworld Palace.RPG is a community of overroleplayers from all around the world. Clicking the code below will launch your Bitcoin wallet, or you can simply scan it with your mobile wallet. Don't have one? You're a part of our community now, so the next step is to introduce yourself!

You'll earn one of the award medals and we'll get a chance to come by and say hello. Medals unlock new features and provide you with INKwhich can be used to purchase resources for your worlds.

THE BEST RP Experience IN A Unturned Roleplay Server I Have EVER Played ON (Till The STAFF GOT ON)

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Nothing is better than a brightdelightfulsunny day!

Thirteen Roleplay Plots

I'm tied down I need a few more votes!Log in or Sign up. Silocraft Minecraft Servers. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: 1, I guess some players get bored of the same old role-plays they do with their close friends. Why not share your ideas on the role plays? I think this would be useful to everyone out there who loves role playing on Minecraft I have not actualy role-played myself. Remember things you used to do in real life with your family and try to re-do the activities on Minecraft.

Minecraft Library Role Play - Build a library, hire workers, write books should probably make copies of the books. Allow players to visit your library, borrow books, have discussions on your favorite books irl. Minecraft Kingdom Role Play - Build your kingdom, hire servants, train your army.

Help your people build a better tomorrow and live a better life. Feel how it's like to be the ruler of them all. Minecraft School Role Play - Build a school, hire teachers and give your students an opportunity to learn different subjects. Minecraft Zombie Role Play - Build an arena, gather around some players.

A new way to chat with your communities and friends.

Pick a random zombie every match. Humans use snowballs to hit the zombie away and the zombie tries to hit the humans. If the zombie hits a human he'll turn in a to zombie and will go for other humans. See how long you can survive! The creator can think of additional rules, like zombies using movement speed potions if it's too hard to infect someone etc. Last edited: Nov 7, SilocraftNov 7, Messages: Likes Received: 32 Trophy Points: BnDVampireNov 7, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Trophy Points: 1, I still have my hotel.

ParalleXNov 7, Messages: 63 Likes Received: 3 Trophy Points: Ironic thing is People don't really rp that much anymore, and this IS the same old stuff people do. The only thing about it thats different is nobody's tried a Library Roleplay yet. Overall good ideas. Messages: Likes Received: Trophy Points: 1, GalwayGrillMay 20, Messages: 18 Likes Received: 6 Trophy Points: I'm making a new audition only zombie rp! AlinessJun 25, Messages: Likes Received: 20 Trophy Points: What about EvilLilithJun 27, One thing that many creators know is that fun to have characters and different universes to work with but what's the point if you have nothing to do with them?

Many people turn to roleplaying as a fun way to use characters, whether they're original or from a fandom. It'd a fun escape for many people but what happens when you run out of ideas to do?

It's a terrible spot to be in. So here are a few different role play plot ideas. Person A has had many near death experiences in their life. They should be dead but it's as if something is protecting them. Then they meet Person B, their guardian angel. Person A is a vampire Prince. They rule the kingdom and sit on the throne, but it's all with reluctance. Every year a sacrifice is brought from a nearby village for The Vampire Royalty. They kidnap Person B and take them to the castle. From here you can go any direction you want!

Person A can turn person B into a vampire, Person A can have mercy on them and send them back to the village, or maybe even keep Person B as a pet or something of the likes. This one is very open so just have fun with it! Person A is a mental hospital patient, put there for any reason you'd like. So far nobody has been able to make progress with Person A.

That is until Person B comes along. Person A is riding along the outskirts of their ranch when they see Person B on the ground. Person B has been shot and will soon bleed to death if they aren't helped. I left this one fairly open too. Does Person A take the risk and help Person B? What will it cost them if the do?

I don't really have anything specific for this one.Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with role-play. Discord Servers role-play Discord servers tagged with role-play.

Tags similar to role-play rp fantasy magic roleplay erp star-wars sci-fi medieval rpg oc warrior-cats naruto Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. New Hope Academy. RPG Games Get link Mute this server Report this server.

Every government, company, and coalition scrambled to become the new dominant power. What they didn't know was that destiny would deny them all. They had turned a blind eye to a looming threat: a terrorist coalition known as Coalition of Anarchic Liberty, or C. L, considered this a threat to their organization, and launched a worldwide terrorist attack on all laboratories containing this genetic power.

As a result of these attacks, all laboratories that were creating this "super gene" were released into communities of all kinds, laying dormant in every human who came into contact with the gene.

Those who were incompatible were unaffected, however those who were compatible developed inhuman abilities. They created an organization known as the Paragon Corps, so that they could enlist those who had powers to assist the government. In addition, schools were created for those who had powers, the most prominent of these being NHA, or New Hope Academy. Join this Server. Dragon Ball: Beyond Time. Welcome to the seventh universe, this server takes place right after the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Community Gives you time to settle in and meet the folks in this strange town This server is not your typical one. We will do everything we can to make sure things stay fair and clean, and we will try to make a comfortable place where people can unwind after a long dayServers Reviews.

Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with anime-roleplay. Discord Servers anime-roleplay Discord servers tagged with anime-roleplay.

discord roleplay ideas

Tags similar to anime-roleplay shingeki-no-kyojin 90 attack-on-titan kimetsu-no-yaiba fantasy-roleplay naruto my-hero-academia demon-slayer mha bnha role-playing danganronpa oc Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Rabbit's Den. Get link Mute this server Report this server. You looking for something to do during the quarantine season?

Why not join in on the fantasy-based roleplay and have fun! Join this Server. Tales from Briar. Community Near the coasts of any shore, at any time, there may be a Great Mist.

Those brave and poor souls who find themselves venturing into the Mist have always found themselves at the shores of a brand new world- one which they cannot explain. Those who are chosen by the Mist are destined for greatness in this new world.

Some refer to it as Briar, others as Aldura, but the name is not of importance. What is important are the thousands of tales of daring courage and boldness that have occured on the continent. Briar is a land ravished with conflict and vice, and constant warfare which culminated at the end of the first era, when it is rumored that Ajax the Greater committed a Grand Heresy, resulting in the destruction of Unknown, as well as the political stability of Briar for years to come.

Empires and kingdoms rose and fell, but only one has lasted all years since the Heresy. Nowadays, the continent finds itself in a constant state of war, as five kingdoms, and countless many factions, all vy for control of the rock. In the west is the oldest, and most grand empire on the continent, ruled with an iron fist by a line of powerful vampires.

To the north is a theocratic kingdom of humans, controlled by various lords and princes, who harbor a deep hatred for the vampires. In the southeast of the continent, roaming bands of savages and warlords patrol the great Umtali desert, in a state of near constant anarchy. Above them, there is a nation of feudal samurai, who fight in the name of their honor to protect their land. In the northeast, there is an empire, made up of former samurai who organized themselves in an effort to tame the vast east- only to be locked in constant combat with their enemies to the west.

The only question left: Will you become one yourself? Dragon Ball Rp. This server is going to be a massive dbz rp where you make a custom character and can go out into the universe and choose to either be good or evil, helping people out or building your empire. Nearodama is a anime RP action based server with a large amount of animes to choose abilities from and more to be added. While you have all these animes you also have the addition of custom abilities. My Hero Academia Roleplay.

discord roleplay ideas

Hello and welcome to My Hero Academia Roleplay! Here we do canon and noncanon roleplay, taking place in the BNHA universe.

discord roleplay ideas

You may claim a canon character as long as it is available or you can make your own OC, following our template. We hope you enjoy your time in our server. Swearing is allowed, just don't bully others with it.Servers Reviews. Discord Servers Roleplay Discord servers tagged with Roleplay. Tags similar to Roleplay rp fantasy anime community nsfw fun erp magic gaming furry medieval warrior-cats Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 49 - 72 of servers. Carolina: Remnants of Society.

Other Get link Mute this server Report this server. Carolina: Remnants Of Society It all started over an animal bite, something so small turned new york into a place of death. The military tried to stop but killed civilians along with themselves doing so.

South Carolina, a place of heat and farming, Paris Island, Charleston. All good places but one was bombed and the other one no one dares to go inside of. You have the bikers in Yemassee, A group of over 1, in a town called Lamar, You have the small bandit groups that want to make a name for themselves, then the military most hate than others.

Others who survive alone. Gas, food, and other such things are rare this far in. Join this Server. Community While enemies near and far plot to destroy, conquer, or transform this limitless dimension into their greatest triumph, far more sinister entities linger still on the boundaries of infinity. You'll never feel lost, confused, or left out. We utilize professional storytelling elements to deliver an experience rarely found anywhere, and with a community that's been rping together for over two years, we guarantee a foundation that's just as solid as it is open to newcomers.

That's just the start. We have assistants to help craft stories tailored to you, professional writing help that will make you a better writer in general, and cross-media platforms that will. What do you have to lose? Jump into this universe and let the seas of infinity carry you to new horizons. Warriors: Five Clans of the Woods. Long ago, five clans settled in their new home.


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