Naruto uzumaki seal master fanfiction naruhina

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The strength of Uzu and sealing. Stories that focus on the mysteries that is the whirlpool, Mastery of Fuinjutsu, the crimson death and making Uzu proud. It make include the occasional Kakashi story that makes me cry with laughter. Steal My Thunder God by Nauro reviews Naruto has always carried his father's legacy, in more ways than one. When an attempt to replicate the Fourth's greatest technique sends him to times long passed, he must take up that legacy, far more directly than he ever dreamed.

It all started the day of the Kumo incident at the Hyuuga compound - one action altered the course of history and the ninja world. Rating may change. Will be epic in length.

Pairings are not the focus of the story, though they exist. Cover art belongs to amandas-sketches on deviant art. At all.

naruto uzumaki seal master fanfiction naruhina

Working on it. Lies and Deceit by Kabukiman reviews AU. Naruto, tired of being lectured on his chakra control and to be more like Sasuke, decides to take action. Time to show the world how great the Uchiha prodigy truly is. Warning: General Team 7 bashing. First chapter's kinda lame, gets better. Sealed Legacy by Psycho G reviews New Chapter Posted After discovering a long lost ancient forbidden master sealing technique created by a deceased clan leader and seal grandmaster of the Uzumaki clan, Jiraiya studies and tampers with it only for it to lead to unexpected results.

Kindergarten ANBU by soprano-in-waiting reviews After one final battle with Madara, Naruto wakes up to find some surprising changes have occurred. Impossible changes. A cosmic accident has given him a second chance. No one ever said he had to live it the same way twice.Naruto was excited at the prospect of being able to have his own kunai as the only time he ever got to use such weapons was when he was in the academy and students couldnt take those home.

He had always dreamed of becoming a shinobi and one day the hokage, so seeing a kunai that he could take home and practice with left him understandably excited. Naruto climbed up the tree and sat down on the branch that was just below the kunai that was imbeded in the tree bark. He stood up on the branch and yanked the kunai out with all of his might, unfortantley for Naruto this left him unbalanced causing him to almost fall off the branch. Naruto exhaled as he steadied himself.

He look down to the ground and grimaced "that would've hurt, a lot". He sat down with his back against the trunk of the tree and looked at his new kunai for the first time actually taking in its odd shape. It was a three pronged kunai with wrapping around the handle that had writing on it, although it just looked like chicken scratch to Naruto.

He frowned "what kinda kunai is this? I don't even think you can throw this" As he said that the writing on the kunai began to glow ever so faintly but it did not go unnoiticed by the blonde "WOAH my kunai glows!

That particular lesson had been about the ninja art of seals, something that interested him deeply, so deeply in fact that he actually listened to the entirety of Iruka's speach and even answered quetions at the end, making the scarred chunin think that the end of the world was upon them. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dont forget to review! The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.A week has passed since Naruto's greatest prank yet and his discovery of a very strange and intriguing kunai. Our young blonde hero is currently in the academy tuning out the sound of his teacher going on and on about Rather he was thinking about his new kunai, the seal that was on it and its purpose, and how he would be able to learn more about it.

While he was lost in his thoughts Iruka had finished up his lesson and was dismissing the class. As all of the students filed out of the room Naruto stayed rooted to his seat still deep in thought.

Iruka noticed that Naruto had not moved and called out "you ok Naruto? Your usually one of the first to leave" Iruka responded slighty surprised. The book was called "Sealing For Idiots " Since the book was for begginers or "idiots" if you will, there were no complicated seals but there were a three simple ones. These three seals are storage seals, gravity seals, and exploding seals. Determined to learn and master the art of sealing he checked the book out of the library and went home to try and make his own seals.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.Declaimer: I own nothing in this fanfic, but my created characters they abilities and Jutsu and that is about all I own "Goes to corner and starts crying". Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon Naruto was walking down the streets of Konoha still saddened by the fact he failed his graduation exam for the second time.

Suddenly Naruto found himself in front of a story he never saw before. He decided to enter the story and found two man auguring over a tag. The two man stop and looked at Naruto with surprise in their eyes. So us mistaking it for something, especially considering we were arguing, it is pretty easy to make a mistake like that. We just move here and we go ahead and blow ourselves up. Forgive us we need to introduce ourselves. Naruto just smiled and placed his hands behind his head. Naruto looked at them and about a few seconds after looking at them he began to speak.

Naruto closed his eyes in concentration. Denpa went into the back and came back carrying a dusty book. Denpa and Ishiki looked at each other and smiled.

If anything they probably made him an even bigger target. At least we are giving the Uzumaki clan a chance to come back. Denpa proceeded to beat Ishiki over the head with it. Denpa did the same thing and the two began to strangle each other as a customer entered looked at the scene around him and slowly walked out. Naruto made it to his apartment and sat down on his bed with the book in his lap.

He opened the book and found a message written on the inside. You see Naruto you are most likely the last Uzumaki left a powerful clan that made villages shook in fear and could possible rival even that of the Senju a thousand skills or a thousand hands and Uchiha clansbut that time has long since past. By the time you read this we will be gone, but rest easy for we will meet again along your life. Naruto you will have a long and difficult life ahead please use what you learn to help protect yourself, your friends, and allies.

Naruto re-read what the message said and still couldn't believe what he was reading. So Naruto went to the next best thing the library. When Naruto entered he snuck past the librarian and headed to the back of the of the library where they kept books over different clans from or united with Konoha. Naruto looked through the books and found one over the Senju clan. He pulled it out and kept looking for Uzumaki, but when he got to the U's he found that a book was missing.

He looked at the Senju clan book and began to look through it. He skipped a page and found himself staying at a section that described Hashirama Senju and all he did for Konoha. Naruto's grip on the book tightened as he felt some tears trying to force themselves up.

He picked it up and began to read the book intently studying every inch of the book, every corner, and every word like it was gold. Naruto slept were he fell, but he still kept a grip on that book as if it would suddenly float away and he would die. Iruka was walking down the streets of Konoha. Iruka looked at his new class and sighed. Iruka turned to see who it was and saw Naruto, but wearing something completely different from his regular clothes. Instead of wearing his regular orange jumpsuit Naruto was wearing an orange an orange and red shirt that went all the way down to his wrists and hung freely, but right were his hands were they were wrapped in bandages and right where the collar met Naruto's neck it was opened.His name was Naruto Uzumaki and his "masterpeice" was the defacing of the hokage monument.

As he put the finishing touches on his new prank, three anbu appeared and attemtped to capure him. Naruto jumped back just beyond the anbu's reach and turned around and sprinted down into the village. Naruto was running as fast as his eight year old legs could take him and was weaving through the crowd of people going about their day.

The anbu also turned into the allyway and, seeing no sign of the blonde, decided to split up, one going in the direction of Naruto. The anbu, naturally being the faster of the two, quickly caught up to Naruto as he headed into unused training grounds. Naruto ran past the clearing and into the forest taking a sharp right and hiding from the shinobi in very dense foliage.

naruto uzumaki seal master fanfiction naruhina

The anbu shot off in the opposite direction of Naruto not even sensing his presence. Naruto, seeing that the coast was clear, crawled out of the foliage "man that was close" Naruto mumbled.

naruto uzumaki seal master fanfiction naruhina

Naruto got up and turned to leave when he saw a small glint through the trees, taking a closer look he deduced that it was a kunai. But this was no ordinary kunai Story Story Writer Forum Community. Disclaimer: I dont own Naruto obvioulsy "hehehehe this'll be great! This is my first fic ever so any and all reviews will be appreciated. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.All of the Konoha Genins with their Jounin senseis inside the building were standing on the balcony and looking on at the arena floor in stunned silence. The Hokage himself was surprised at the unexpected turn of events. The Suna Genins with their Jounin sensei Baki looked at what just happened with calculative eyes.

Dosu age 14 and this Jounin sensei saw that Konoha still had promising ninjas hidden under their shadow. Naruto age 13 sported a smile of approval while Kurenai looked on in utter disbelief at what she thought was going to be a predictable one-sided match. Hinata age 13the Hyuuga heiress stood calm and upright on the arena floor with her Byakugan fully activated and without her usual jacket on.

That was so after she took it off and tossed it to the side before the match began. Her head protector was also tied around her head with some of her hair draped over it. Neji age 14the proclaimed prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, was also on the arena floor with his Byakugan fully activated. But he was on his hand and knee, sweating hard, bleeding and coughing blood from his mouth, and struggling to catch his breath after sustaining swift and brutal assaults the Hyuuga heiress inflicted on him, one after another.

And to his and everyone's shock, except Naruto's, Hinata hadn't been struck once by Neji during their entire match of the Preliminaries. Where did all of this power and strength come fromNeji wondered as he looked back at Hinata with anger, disdain and confusion, Hinata-sama has always been the weakest and the most disappointing heiress of the Main House. She couldn't even win a fight against Hanabi-sama and her Jyuuken was always the poorest.

How could she have changed so suddenly and hurt me, the prodigy of our clan, this bad? It doesn't make any sense!

naruto uzumaki seal master fanfiction naruhina

Fate had her future as a failure decided from long ago! Sakura age 13 and Ino both snarled at Naruto but they knew that he was telling the truth, as much as they didn't want to hear it.

What happened to you HinataKurenai wondered. Kakashi saw the look on Kurenai's face and saw that she had a look that showed that she was trying to make sense of things.

And I can see that you're suffering too and have been for all these years by allowing yourself to be enslaved to your scapegoat, the illusion of fate. Hinata stood there and waited for Neji to reach her with his right arm extended out aiming to strike her heart directly.

Seeing an opening, Hinata, at the last second, side stepped Neji and thrust her fingers into his back, hitting several spots on his back. This resulted in Neji falling forward passed her with the same speed before crashing down on his face and chest, sliding across the floor for a few seconds before coming to a stop and his bloodline limit deactivating.

Neji found that he was unable to move any part of his body; he was completely paralyzed. Hearing Gaara compliment and acknowledge someone without contempt surprised his siblings and even Baki. Her battle was flawless.First I would like to thank you guys even read this rather than just scrolling over.

I have been reading fan fictions for a long time on this website now and still continue to enjoy them. So today I thought what the hell why don't I give it a shot myself? So here it is my very first fan fiction story and that too a story of Naruto one of the characters that has accompanied me throughout my life. I hope I can do justice to the characters. This is going to be a strong Naruto story but he will not be overpowered. Please readers review and point out any writing flaws or any changes I should make in style.

Constructive criticism is loved! Just no swearing thoughJ". Naruto landed on his back tired from all the chakra and physical exertion of having learnt the "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' only an hour. This forbidden scroll was really something and now that he had learnt a forbidden jutsu from it that meant that he could pass the academy and finally become a genin, the first step to accomplishing his dream of being a Hokage.

Wiping his sweat he got up; ready to face the next challenge. For one forbidden jutsu was not enough to satisfy his curiosity. Opening the scroll further he glanced through the other jutsus. There was a lot of cool stuff, from Giant exploding fireball, to literally water style; cool jutsu. But his attention seemed to be drawn to a particular area.

In beautiful strokes was drawn the seal of the Fourth Hokage. Underneath was an inticrate seal beneath which was written. Only by channeling the chakra of an Uzumaki can this seal be unlocked. This contains the sealing secrets of the Uzumaki clan. Naruto was shocked when he read this.

It was almost as if his hero had left him a present! And this was supposedly his family heritage which meant there probably was some way in this very seal for him to find out more about his parents.

Without even giving it a second thought Naruto channeled his chakra into the seal. The seal poofed and a manuscript appeared. The title read 'The Sealing Techniques of the Uzumaki '. He grabbed the book and tried to open it. He couldn't. He tried to pry it open using all his strength. Didn't work.

Naruto Chat/NARUHINA fanfic 7

Frustrated he turned it around. To his surprise, there was a seal behind the book as well.


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